Sunday, January 28, 2007

faded life

When the music fades,
Everything will be ending.
And you'll disappear,
Without saying goodbye.
When the music fades,
I'll be left alone,
Stading in the dark,
Hating you for leaving.
When the music fades,
I will start crying,
Because I know it's over,
But I still hope you will come back.
When the music fades,
Our dance will end,
And I will wish for you,
So I can hold you once more.
Now the music is fading,
Everything is ending,
And you are disappearing,
Without saying goodbye....

dedicated to my college memories

complexity of life

Im so confused,
wanna run,
wanna hide
Im scared to take,
filled with so much pride
Cant say in words,
even hard to show
Wanna drift away,
but find it hard to let go
Love or lust,
I dont even know
That urge and temptation
to just go with the flow
Hard to show feelings,
emotion and all
Not sure to open up,
cautious I might fall
Tired of all the drama,
pain and abuse
Tired of suffering
and not knowing whos being used
So far so good,
in fear
that it might go wrong
I dont actually know
how it lasted this long
I just hope
this feeling will lead
to something more
Something right and true,
something to live for.

Friday, December 29, 2006


black day!
offlate am so addicted to orkut,
i felt so left alone
i logged in every half an hour
and felt disappointed..
this is not fair..
i never felt so bad in my entire life..
i am born tuff..
wen the babe i luvd ditched me and went with the guy she luvd,
i never felt bad..
i always went in search for new and better options.
but orkut is not like that..
its my new found love
and am not letting her go ever..
am i in love?
miss u sooo much

my left knee hurt

my left knee is aching for the last three hours.
dunno waat happened.
any idea what myte have happened?

Friday, December 15, 2006

if i tried

I looked at my life,
With all the broken promises,
The shattered dreams,
I closed my eyes,
And kept walking to no direction,
In my direction,
There were many like me,
Many broken hearts,
Tears shed,
Followed by unbroken silence,
I had to be strong,
A time has come,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
An awakening voice from dreamland of weakness,
Determination to fight for my life,
And I believe,
I could be all I want to be,
If only I tried.

my favorite professor

my dear SHINE sir!!!

Sitting in the corner,
wondering why these tears fall down my face
why did he die?
He was so full of life Never causing harm,
but he was in the wrong place
the wrong time
but there isn't alarm.
He kept to himself,
the shadows were his friends
When someting went wrong though he was the first to make amends.
He was full of life Quiet to a fault.
His eyes were alive but now..he's not.
I knew him well why didn't any one see?
See how wonderfull this one man can be?
But no, now they never will.
I sit in my corner, wondering why these tears down my face fall why did he have to die?

(dedicated to my favorite professor,the late SHINE.P.BABY sir...)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

my first mundu experience

onam first first mundu first malayalam movie.all happened on the same day..the day started as usual.. my alrm woke me up at 8 am.. i switched it off.. ma roomie kicked me outta de bed.. poor bum of mine... (joseph! damn ur left leg).. having full faith in my roomie, i allowed him to tie the knot around my waist.. i mean the mundu.. it was funny fer me...but the belt really gave me enuff confidence... oooh! it was so damn nice to wear a mundu and walk around.. the whole day went in a gala mood.. pookalam, vadam pulling, chakki and changaran.. and lotta games.. me had fun.. and little did i know that the real fun was still to come.. the day was over and it was around three pm and me started my long walk back to the hostel..(remember the long uphill road to the boy's hostel).. the sun was beaminwith full of confidence.. suddenly my hip and the belt had a bilateral conflict and before i realised, i was walking without the mundu.. gud that i had a long kurta.. i turned around and to my horror saw a bunch of senior babes walking behind me..waat can i do? i closed my eyes and ran inside the hostel... and all i heard was giggling sound that soon erupted into laughter... then a thought stuck me.. ournational leaders have gone thru sufferings worser than this.. and i boldly came out of the hostel,still in the same outfit only to find the engineering college bus zooming past the boy's hostel.well as they say! great men have to go through struggles and trials..and then my friends tuk me out fer a first malayalam mobie.." perumalai kaalam".. dint understand a word though.. it eneded up to be a sentimental film.. two hours went by.i dint understand a single thing.. suddenly the whole theatre was calm.i turned to my right.tears in my friend's eyes.i turned to my left.. tears again.i realised it was an emotional too tried crying.. but ended up burping... and the guy in front of me started shouting therees at me.. my friends rose up and he calmed down... i love u guys..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

ready! agshion gameraaaaa!!!


naaanum paathukuney irundhein... namma payyakuttinga ellam blog vachurukuraanungaleytnu.. naamalum onnu aarambikkalaamnu thonuchu of the mind of my head... ok vettiyadhaaney irukuroamnu thodangiteinnnn... eppadi blog pannanumnu enakku inimeluttudhaan theriyum. so adhu varaikum konjam porumai maintainings of allof you.. ok !!

ungal maaama.,